Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Free version include?

The Free version include all Standard version functionalities but with limitations to number of system users and number of work orders processed per month. For detailed information about limitations and comparison of versions please read the comparison table.

Why you are proposing Free version?

We know that paying for some software and then using it in organisation is very difficult decision to be made by executives. That is why we offer a time to easily start using our software on smaller volume to fit it into your organisation. Then it can be spread on whole company. Moreover there are small companies where our software can be useful and we will be happy if Ksavi Workforce will help to expand their business to gain more customers and manage bigger volumes of work orders.

Do I need to pay for a month up front?

No. We are charging for number of work orders processed in a month, so in the beginning of next month we are creating report basing on which an invoice is sent to you.

Do I pay fixed fee per month?

No, we are charging in revenue sharing model. The amount of monthly fee strongly depends on number of work orders processed in this month. Thus, in every month the fee would probably different.

Do I have to pay for every user?

No, we are assuming you can have different numbers of orders processed in a month having the same number of employees. Therefore, we don’t want to charge you the same price if your company’s turnover in one month is high and in another slightly lower.

How can I upgrade?

It is very easy. Just contact with us and we will update system configuration to give you access to higher version of software.

How can I resign from service?

You can resign from using Ksavi Workforce SaaS solution anytime with no penalty or cancellation fee. Contact us and your resignation will take effect at the end of current month. You will be charged last time in standard pricing model for orders processed in month you decided to resign.