Standard Version

Standard option is software package that allows companies to easily start using field service management IT tool in their organisation. It is focused on providing all necessary workforce functional features but in smaller scale. When your business grows and so your needs for software support you can upgrade to Premium version.

Standard version assumes working with system on level of work orders with minimal support of tasks. You can use all necessary Ksavi workforce functionalities to schedule, assign and process work orders. Work order management engine is preconfigured to have simplified process flow with predefined profiles of field team member and dispatcher. Task management is available in this version but with limited access to task type catalogue.

Below you can find a full list of functional features provided in Standard version. To compare this version with the others, view comparision table.

Cloud-based tool that connects office to the field.


Optimal Schedules

Plan and optimize your resource activities with drag & drop scheduling
Keep track of appointments with your customers
Record all employee absences and availability time
Color-coded activities on schedules
Manage order scheduling in mode of order queue or in timeslot manner

Customer Management

Store your customers and their business objects in one place
Keep track of all work orders on each customer and its object
Assign SLA contracts to customer services
Manage information about resources installed and used on each customer
Custom customer and customer object types and fields

Work Order Management

Standardize your workforce process
Keep history of work orders
Track SLA deadlines
Categorize your work into work order types
Adapt work orders to character of your business
Configure recurring orders to automate task generation

Field Tasks

Use tasks to store information about time spent, transport utilized and inventory stock used within field task
Add attachments on-line during realisation of field tasks
Track task status

Employees and Operational Units

Employee management
Create employee availability and absences calendar
Assign and track employee resources
Assign employees to operational units

Inventory Management

Functional warehouse fed with inventory documents
Keep track of stock movements with Inventory documents
Custom resource types and fields
Easy resource type management with assignment to resource groups
Virtual warehouses on employees and customers

Flexible Configuration

Plenty of self-configurable features to adapt software to your business
Predefined attachments to work orders and tasks
Fully configurable work order catalogue
Fully configurable resource catalogue
Custom fields to every business entity


User account management
Assign profiles to users
Predefined Field team member, Dispatcher and Admin profiles


View team work orders on map
View customer objects on map
View unassigned work orders on map
Order details available from map


Work order billing
Rich set of data export reports
Task and work order reports
Set of standard workforce reports
Work order dashboards

Mobile Access

Inform your staff about urgent tasks via on-line mobile application
Capture customer signature within task data
Store information about task realisation on site
Add attachments and fill custom fields
Get work order and customer info by one click
Standard web access from everywhere
Rich native Android mobile application