House Services

As company providing services for particular set of house works, you have to manage a lot of short and often parallel tasks. Perfect scheduling with optimal routes between task locations is crucial to increase efficiency of your business. More time spent in car travelling from site to site increases cost of every service. Moreover customer experience is very important in this business, so punctuality and well-chosen staff constitutes a guarantee for the best customer satisfaction.

To easily cope with this challenges and mitigate risk of poor performance Ksavi Workforce is perfect solution. It helps company to organize it’s work and maximize capacity in field. Taking on burden of managing your staff, schedules, tasks, orders and appointments it enables company to focus on providing high quality services.
With a fully configurable IT environment you can easily adapt Ksavi Workforce to special character of your business and adjust software to each of different house services.

Industries in detail

Chimney Sweep
Pool&Spa Maintenance
Lawn care
Door installations
Electrical services
Appliance services
Window installations

Benefits for your company

Service Center Benefits

Manage customer appointments and fulfil your commitments
Record all recurring orders to automate task generation and scheduling
Create schedules for specialized equipment usage
Use staff qualifications to create optimal and reliable work schedule

Field Tech Benefits

Store custom information during on-site visit
Add any needed attachments to tasks
Inventory stock availability in real time while still on-site
On-line information about schedule change and urgent jobs