Waste Management

In present days cleaning companies have to face with many service requests that have to be fulfilled no to only with qualified staff but also with proper cleaning equipment.

Concurrent equipment needs becomes an issue to create perfect schedules. Optimally planed workday for all resources allow company to increase employee productivity with more services completed each day.

Industries in detail

Office cleaning
House cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Window cleaning
Vacuum services
Car cleaning

Benefits for your company

Service Center benefits

Update schedules with new critical requests
Inform your staff about urgent jobs via on-line mobile application
Manage customer appointments and fulfil your commitments
Record all recurring orders to automate task generation and scheduling
Create schedules for specialized equipment usage
Use staff qualifications to create optimal and reliable work schedule

Field Tech benefits

Store custom information during on-site visit
Add any needed attachemnts to tasks
Record resource usage and identify all inventory future needs during on-site visit
Inventory stock availability in real time while still on-site
Capture customer signature on-site
Track resources used in task realization with barcodes or QR codes
On-line information about schedule change and urgent jobs